“He feels no gravity at all”: Poem of the Day, “The Call Has Been Answered”

snail“The Call Has Been Answered”
by Ileana Mălăncioiu, translated from the Romanian by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
from The Legend of the Walled-Up Wife 

The call has been answered, this sun
Has risen over the green field.
The soul unfolding as a snail
Slides out of his enclosing shield

He dawdles across the long empty
Space it seems he drowns
In light he flourishes over the white wave
Two melting jellied horns

He feels no gravity at all,
He has come all the way out as in a dream
He strolls he seems turning to go home
But the shell is closed to him

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Wake Forest University Press was founded in 1976 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Exclusively publishing Irish poetry, we are a small academic press and the premier publisher of Irish poetry in North America. We still reside in Winston-Salem as a part of Wake Forest University, and continue to publish culturally-rich literature.
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4 Responses to “He feels no gravity at all”: Poem of the Day, “The Call Has Been Answered”

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