The Wake Forest Series of Irish Poetry, Volume 3 Launches in Paris

The Paris launch earlier this month included readings by the anthology’s featured poets, an appearance by Volume 3 editor and author of the forthcoming book The Sun King Conor O’Callaghan, as well as a lecture on the state and future of Irish poetry by Wake Forest Press director Professor Jefferson Holdridge. We at the press remain very excited about this book and the wealth of talent it contains. Here’s a photo from the post-launch supper-outing, with Conor O’Callaghan, Professor Holdridge and his wife Wanda Balzano, and anthology poets Collette Bryce, Gerard Fanning, John McAuliffe, Maurice Riordan, and Justin Quinn.

(Click image to enlarge)
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Wake Forest University Press was founded in 1976 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Exclusively publishing Irish poetry, we are a small academic press and the premier publisher of Irish poetry in North America. We still reside in Winston-Salem as a part of Wake Forest University, and continue to publish culturally-rich literature.
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