Poem of the day: Kerry Hardie’s “Ship of Death”

After an unexpected Easter Monday hiatus, we have returned with another poem for National Poetry Month. We hope you enjoy “Ship of Death” by Kerry Hardie from The Wake Forest Book of Irish Women’s Poetry




for my mother
Watching you, for the first time,
turn to prepare your boat, my mother;
making it clear you have other business now—
the business of your future—
I was washed-through with anger.

It was a first survey,
an eye thrown
over sails, oars, timbers,
as many a time I’d seen that practised eye
scan a laden table.

How can you plan going off like this
when we stand at last, close enough, if the wind is right,
to hear what the other is saying?
I never thought you’d do this, turning away,
mid-sentence, your hand testing a rope,

your ear tuned
to the small thunder of the curling wave
on the edge of the great-night sea,
neither regretful nor afraid—
anxious only for the tide.

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“Getting Up Early” – by Brendan Kennelly

“Getting Up Early” by Brendan Kennelly, From The Essential Brendan Kennelly

earlyGetting up early promises well;
a milkhorse on the road
induces thoughts of a sleeping world
and a waking God.

This hour has something sacred;
bells will be ringing soon,
but now I am content to watch
the day begin to bloom.

I would only waste my breath
on poor superfluous words;
how perfectly they wing for me -
the new invisible birds

who celebrate the light that spreads
like love to window sills
as morning steps like a laughing girl
down from the Dublin hills.

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Poem of the Day: “Grainne’s Answer to Burke’s Proposal” by Mary O’Malley

Grainne“Grainne’s Answer to Burke’s Proposal” by Mary O’Malley from The Wake Forest Book of Irish Women’s Poetry

Take me for one year certain
hot and cold and strong.
What woman will give you
as much for that long?
A year in a wild place.
Take me or leave me as I am.

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