Wake Up to Poetry blog going on hiatus

You may have noticed that we’ve slowed down our posts on this blog. That’s because, we’re happy to announce, we’ve been busy working on updates to our website and blog!

We’re briefly putting this blog to sleep for the summer, in hopes that our new and improved website and blog will be up and running early this fall. You can still find us on Facebook or Twitter if you miss us, though.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Back Soon!

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Poem of the Week: “The Trees” by Michael Longley

In honor of Michael Longley’s receipt of the 2015 International Griffin Poetry Prize yesterday, we bring you one of the poems he read in Toronto at the awards presentation. Many congratulations to Mr. Longley for this achievement!

The Trees

I dreamed we were cutting down the trees
Of childhood: at the back of our garden
The grey ash from which we dropped into
The playing fields, two flowering currants’
Summer hum, the cherry tree that after
Many barren years produced five pears,
The sickly apple tree, the beautiful
Poisonous laburnum, and the cypress
That was impossible to climb. Peter,
If you hide in there, I’ll never find you.

Michael LongleyThe Stairwell (2014)

Praise for Michael Longley

Watch Longley read at Koerner Hall in Toronto, Canada during the Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist readings on June 3, 2015. Jump to 31:00 in the video to go straight to his introduction and reading: 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist Readings

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Poem of the Week: “We Change the Map” by Kerry Hardie

Our apologies for the brief hiatus on our blog. We’ve been busy sending off four of our interns who graduated last week. A big thank you to all our interns for the hours of proofing, box schlepping, blogging, designing, phone calling, reading, chalking, and merriment you so kindly gave to WFU Press this year.

A fond farewell and congrats to our graduating interns

A fond farewell and congrats to our graduating interns

Post-graduation, we tend to think about what’s coming next — “Paths and small roads and the next bend.” Kerry Hardie’s “We Change the Map” seemed right for the occasion.

We Change the Map

This new map, unrolled, smoothed,
seems innocent as the one we have discarded,
impersonal as the clocks in rows
along the upper border, showing time-zones.

The colours are pale and clear, the contours
crisp, decisive, keeping order.
The new names, lettered firmly, lie quite still
within the boundaries that the wars spill over.

It is the times.

I have always been one for paths myself.
The mole’s view. Paths and small roads and the next bend.
Arched trees tunnelling to a coin of light.
No overview, no sense of what lies where.

Pinning up maps now, pinning my attention,
I cannot hold whole countries in my mind,
nor recognise their borders.

These days I want to trace
the shape of every townland in this valley;
name families; count trees, walls, cattle, gable-ends,
smoke-soft and tender in the near blue distance.

-Kerry Hardie, from The Wake Forest Book of Irish Women’s Poetry (2011)

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